Picking Your Acupressure Mat

08/02/2012 11:52

The demand of health care systems with endless resources is increasing everywhere in the world while we most have forgotten one important resource this is the power of human system to heal itself. These alternative therapies are actually providing effective relief since way back when. One of the easiest and most effective treatments of them is "Acupressure". This non invasive and effective treatment doesn't need any side effects. It can be performed comfortably in your home. Acupressure has several many benefits such as:

Reducing Stress and Tension
Increasing Blood circulation
Removal of toxic waste products
Relief from head, neck and shoulder pains
Promoting healing
Increases Energy levels
Increases feelings of well-being.

Acupressure mats are becoming a lot more popular with acupressure remedy. Acupressure mats provides a powerful relief with success fee 93%. Acupressure mats are being used in many countries being an effective tool for treatment, stress and depression lessening. A big range of acupressure mats comes in market such as Increase Mats, Swedish Spike Mats, Russian Prickle Pad, Shakti mat, Yoga Mat etc. You can also purchase Acu Mats online. Its difficult to choose an Acumat from a large range of acupressure yoga mats. The most important thing that you should considered is the acupressure mat is personal use device and definately will have direct contact in your skin. The main thing is always to check that plastic spines are made of non allergic and non toxic materials and they are securely fixed for the base fabric using a high strength and non-toxic adhesive. One must also check while buying that the mat contains the necessary health and cleanliness certificates.

The material used for the base of the mat needs to be 100% Linen or Cotton fabric allowing you free air circulation to your skin. Linen fabrics are outstanding fabric for healing
with their high level of resistance to fungus along with bacteria. Natural fabric colors needs to be preferred than chemically bleached or dyed. StyleWellness Acumat is produced from organic cotton, this mat has proven to improve people's overall well-being every day.
Acupressure wellness mat